340B: Pharmacy Discount for CCS’ Uninsured Patients

CCS has a new program starting in early 2020 for our uninsured patients with prescriptions for name-brand medications.  Patients can receive a “340B” discount card that allows them to purchase the medication from local Walgreen pharmacies at very deep discounts.  We are in the final testing phases to make sure the program works as seamlessly as we want it to.  If you are a CCS patient with a prescription for a name-brand medication written by one of CCS’ providers, and you do not have health insurance, we hope to ease your cost burden during 2020.

The 340B program is a partnership between the federal government, pharmaceutical companies, and not-for-profit healthcare organizations like Community Clinical Services.  The 340B program’s goal is to make healthcare more accessible and affordable.  Because of this program,  CCS is able to provide our sliding fee discount program and offer comprehensive primary care services at our B Street Health Center and Family Health Center, both in Lewiston.  These two health clinics are key to the health and well-being of thousands of Lewiston and Auburn residents.  Our B Street Health Center is able to be open 60 hours per week offering early morning and late evening appointments for medical, psychiatric and counseling care 5 days per week.  340B allows our B Street Health Center to employ cultural brokers and a community health worker, enhancing our patients’ experience and helping them to have a better understanding of their medical conditions and how to be as healthy as one can be.  This investment in our community is critical to our success in increasing the health of the greater Lewiston/Auburn area.