Affordable Medical Care

Looking for affordable health care?  (You may be eligible for MaineCare, Maine’s Medicaid Program – click on this link to find out if you might be eligible since the MaineCare Expansion Law went into effect July 2, 2018

Community Clinical Services offers a Sliding Fee Discount to people with limited income.  We determine eligibility by (1) the number of people in your “tax” household; and (2) the amount of income the adults in the tax household earn.  If your income is below 100% of poverty, we discount your care 100%, meaning that your cost of care is free.  For people with income between 100% and 200% of poverty, we have a sliding discount scale.  Call 207-777-8202 to schedule an appointment with a St. Mary’s Health System Financial Counselor who can help you with an application, or click on the link below to start the application.

Community Clinical Services (CCS) is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). As an FQHC we are able to provide services to qualified individuals and their families by offering:

  • A sliding-fee discount designed to make our care more affordable to patients who are income eligible (below 200% of the poverty level).  The discount is for all of our medical, pediatric dental and behavioral health services.
  • Assistance with the cost of brand name and generic medicines for our patients.
  • Additional social services to meet needs of patients and  families.
  • Preventative health care and education to encourage patients to prevent illness before it happens.

2018 Financial Application and Letter

FQHC 2018 Patient Additional Verification Form 1 16 18

2019 FQHC Sliding Fee Scale by Dollar increments

Does it help with high deductibles? Perhaps your insurance does not cover doctor’s office visits. We can assist by applying our sliding fee scale to your office deductibles (if your insurer allows) or co-pays. All of our patients are eligible for our discount pharmacy program (340B).

Do you have Medicare coverage?
We can assist by applying our sliding fee scale to your co-insurance and copay amounts.

Are you without health insurance?
We can assist you by applying our sliding fee scale to your office charges for medical, pediatric dental and behavioral health services..

Does the discount apply to other services?
The sliding fee discount only applies to the services provided by the CCS practices. CCS is a partner with the St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center. Because of St. Mary’s commitment to the community, the hospital has established a free care program. Most of the CCS sliding fee patients also qualify for St. Mary’s free care program. To apply for the free care program through St. Mary’s, individuals need to contact the Patient Rep. Office at 207-777-8202. When you apply for CCS’ Sliding Fee Discount, you can also apply for the St. Mary’s Free Care Program at the same time, but note the eligibility criteria is different, and not all St. Mary’s services are eligible.  It is important to remember that ancillary services will have charges that will be billed to you. You can discuss which services are covered and which services you will be responsible for with a Patient Representative.

What else do I need to know?

  • This is not an insurance program
  • Your  cost is your part of the service fee after the sliding-fee discount has been applied to your charges
  • You have to keep your eligibility current by submitting the needed forms prior to the eligibility end date – the term of the discount is typically 6 months, and you need to re-apply to see if you are still eligible
  • Payment Plans are available for balances that are due

Here is the application:  2018 Financial Application and Letter –


Joan Churchill, MS
FQHC Executive Director/CFO

Lynn Poulin,
FQHC Executive Coordinator/Patient Assistance Lead