Lewiston-Auburn Services in Schools

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Services at schools keep your children in school and you at work or home, when students need support.

Our services at schools help your children succeed in school and life by keeping them healthy and ready to learn. We deliver quality “behavioral health care” (counseling) to children and adolescents when they are in school. We focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and identifying behavioral or substance abuse issues early. This helps prevent more serious issues later on.

Services in schools make it easy for students to get care.  Many parents work or do not have an easy way to get their child to and from the doctor’s or counselor’s office when they are at school.  Services at schools solve this dilemma!  Our services at schools are at Lewiston and Auburn’s middle and high schools.

For the 2017/2018 school year, CCS can provide Lewiston Middle and Lewiston High School students medical and behavioral health (counseling) services; and behavioral health services only at Auburn’s Edward Little High School and Auburn Middle School.  Please click the “Lewiston” or “Auburn” button above to find out more details, depending upon which school your child attends.

Each of our offices at the schools is staffed by a  behavioral health counselor trained to assist with mental health or substance use issues, and an administrative clinical assistant (ACA). In additon, at the Lewiston Middle and High Schools, there will be a medical provider for part of most school days.

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS:  If you think your child or teen will benefit from medical services or counseling, please call the school and ask for our program.  We will help you with the “intake” forms and we can even help you apply for Medicaid health insurance for your child; we have a sliding fee scale so our care is affordable for your family!

Our Mission for Services in Schools

To provide timely, friendly, integrated, culturally competent and confidential access to high-quality comprehensive healthcare, including medical, behavioral and substance abuse counseling services that meet the unique needs of the school community while promoting lifelong healthy living and learning.  Care is based on assessed health status and needs. For 2017/2018 school year, we are providing medical, behavioral and substance abuse counseling at Lewiston’s middle and high school, and behavioral and substance abuse counseling services at Auburn’s middle and high school.  Click on the button’s above to learn more.